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A career in real estate

Working in the real estate profession offers the opportunity to meet a wide range of people while carrying out a variety of different tasks and responsibilities. It can be very satisfying to assist people with important decisions such as buying, selling or renting a home or investment property.

It takes a special person to work in real estate: someone who is committed to providing exceptional customer service. Developing the skills necessary to be confident, capable and successful takes dedication and application.

At the same time, you should be prepared to follow high ethical standards. After all, you will frequently be involved with transactions that might represent the most important financial decisions ever made by a client.

Generally, real estate agents lease, manage, value, buy and sell residential, rural, commercial and industrial property or businesses on behalf of their clients.


Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents broker business transactions that involve real property, or businesses. The real property could be undeveloped land sites, residential homes, commercial or industrial buildings, units, townhouses or apartment complexes, retail centres or vacant parcels of land.

Most real estate agents deal with residential property such as houses, home units, townhouses and vacant land. Some firms, however, specialise in types of real estate, which are used to generate income for investors. These include shopping centres, hotels, motels, industrial complexes, home unit or townhouse developments, office blocks, etc.

Real estate agents offer a range of services depending upon the type of property they have been appointed to sell, lease or manage on behalf of an owner. The agent must always consider the owner’s wishes about price, contractual conditions and the marketing of the property. The real estate agent, once appointed to sell a property, begins a marketing campaign to attract potential buyers to the property. They then take prospective buyers to view the property and supply additional information.

The real estate agent acts as a go-between for the owner and the buyer, assisting with their negotiations to reach an agreed sale price for the property. The real estate agent continues to act on behalf of the owner until the property is legally transferred to the new owner.

Real estate agents are also involved in the letting of property for owners. The agent markets the property for lease and arranges for potential tenants to view the property. The agent acts as a go-between for the owner (landlord) and the tenant in negotiation of the rent payments and terms of the tenancy agreement. The real estate agent normally draws up the tenancy agreement between the landlord and tenant and then acts on behalf of the landlord in the day-to-day management of the property. The agent collects the rent, arranges repairs and maintenance and finds new tenants when necessary.

Real estate agents need to have an engaging personality and be able to communicate, understand and relate to a great variety of people. Initiative, foresight, organisational ability, integrity and a genuine concern for others are essential character traits of a good real estate agent.



Sales people make up a large sector of the real estate profession and work on behalf of property vendors (sellers). While the prime duty of care involves the client, who is in most cases the vendor, there is an obligation to be fair to all parties in a transaction.

The duties of a sales person include:

- Appraising properties

- Obtaining listings of properties for sale

- Marketing the property

- Seeking out and introducing buyers

- Offering advice on current market conditions

- Arranging and overseeing inspections

- Negotiating the sale

- Liaising with legal representatives.

In a small agency a salesperson might be directly involved in all aspects of marketing, including writing copy and placing advertisements. Larger agencies tend to employ specialists in some areas.



Auctioneers conduct public sales, usually on the site of the property. Auctioneers are required to explain the contract and the property’s features and answer any questions from potential purchasers before calling for bids.

Strict guidelines govern the conduct of auctions. In most cases, a person must not conduct, or attempt to conduct, an auction for the sale of any real estate or business unless that person:

- is a licensed real estate agent; or

- is employed as an agents representative.

An auctioneers public performance reflects upon the image of the agency and the profession. A good auctioneer can also increase the profile of the agency enormously.


Property Manager

Property managers lease and manage residential, commercial, industrial and retail property on behalf of property owners.

The property managers duties include:

- selecting tenants

- collecting rent

- arranging repairs

- marketing the property

- negotiating leases and rent reviews

- advising on market rents

- representing the property owner at tribunal hearings.

Large corporations often employ property managers to look after the housing needs of their employees, and financial institutions employ property managers to look after their retail outlets.

The professional property manager needs excellent communication and people skills, knowledge of all relevant legislation, including building maintenance and town planning, and an understanding of how economic conditions affect the property market.

For many years, property management was regarded as a good stepping stone for a career in sales and marketing. It is now widely recognised as an attractive, long-term career option in its own right.


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