John Law Commercial Market Appraisal

Our staff has an average of over 24 years tenure and over 35 years of combined valuation knowledge and experience, by John Law Real Estate Commercial. and international presence, we are trusted for our consistent and accurate reporting and are often sought out for our unrivalled research and property advice by homeowners, investors, developers, estate agents and lenders alike.


Our five star professional service include

Commercial Real Estate including Office, Retail, Industrial and Shopping Centres;

Valuations for Going Concern including Hotels & Resorts, Pubs, Golf Courses, Childcare Centres, Boarding Houses and Student Accommodation;

Residential Real Estate including Residential Developments, Prestige Residential Properties, Residential Subdivisions and Unit Entitlement Valuations;

Valuations for Corporate and Government Portfolios; and

Expert Legal Witness

We regularly complete valuations for:


Major banks and other Lending Institutions

Developers and Investors

Property Trusts

Government bodies

Liquidators and Administrators




Providing valuations in a range of scenarios including:


Mortgage Security

Construction Funding

Rental Assessment

Unit Entitlement

Sale and Purchase Advice

Rate objections and Statutory Value

Restructuring Ownership Splits

Cash flow modelling


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