John Law Commercial Market Appraisal

Our staff has an average of over 24 years tenure and over 35 years of combined valuation knowledge and experience, by John Law Real Estate and international presence, we are trusted for our consistent and accurate reporting and are often sought out for our unrivalled research and property advice by homeowners, investors, developers, estate agents and lenders alike.


Commercial Real Estate including Office, Retail, Industrial and Shopping Centres;

Valuations for Going Concern including Hotels & Resorts, Pubs, Golf Courses, Childcare Centres, Boarding Houses and Student Accommodation;

Residential Real Estate including Residential Developments, Prestige Residential Properties, Residential Subdivisions and Unit Entitlement Valuations;

Valuations for Corporate and Government Portfolios; and

Expert Legal Witness

We regularly complete valuations for

  • Major banks and other Lending Institutions
  • Developers and Investors

  • Property Trusts
  • Government bodies
  • Liquidators and Administrators
  • Lawyers,
  • Accountants
  • Brokers

Providing valuations in a range of scenarios including

  • Mortgage Security
  • Construction Funding
  • Rental Assessment
  • Unit Entitlement
  • Sale and Purchase Advice

  • Rate objections and Statutory Value
  • Restructuring Ownership Splits
  • Cash flow modelling


At John Law Commercial to ensure that our clients are serviced with a significant difference to the traditional functions of property management. We aim to exceed your expectations with expert client service through our highly skilled and equipped property management team. We believe that in order to achieve this, we need to build the relationship with our clients through forming a foundation of honesty, trust and transparency.

We understand and recognise the need for a strict commercial focus, and how being proactive can drive your asset to reach its maximum investment potential, whilst providing sound advice on any building improvements. In order to achieve this, we believe that continuous staff training allows us to monitor and implement improvements or changes to both the Retail Tenancy Act and The Property Stock & Business Act. This ensures that our clients are adhering to the rules and regulations governing investment properties.

A brief outline of our John Law Asset Management Services are as follows:

  • Establish tenant relationships and build rapport
  • Attend to all tenant queries in a timely manner and make sound recommendations to the client
  • Prepare and maintain a detailed tenancy schedule
  • Provide detailed monthly property and financial reports
  • Oversee and arrange where required all repairs and maintenance
  • Arrange inspection of the asset to address any operational aspects which require attention or maintenance to the property.
  • Govern all leases to ensure Lessee compliance with essential terms
  • Negotiating and ensuring all annual rental reviews are completed in accordance with the lease
  • Recommendations provided to the client from time to time on lease renewals, rent reviews, lessee assignments/subletting or new leases
  • Liaise with client’s legal representative on relevant lease clauses along with instructing the representative to prepare property leases as required.
  • Ensuring all essential services such as fire safety requirements are met and maintained
  • Lodging insurance claims when required and pursuing the claim until completion
  • Ensuring the clients asset meets statutory requirements
  • Preparing and implementing outgoing budgets, reconciling them every financial year
  • Administer and collection of charges in accordance with the lease requirements
  • Payment of any rates and invoices through the rents on behalf of the client, whilst ensuring surplus funds are transferred to the client at the end of the month
  • Our direct management team representative is a highly skilled property professional who offers a wealth of knowledge and is a leader in the commercial management sector.
  • Our full fee offer. Earn more at John Law Real Estate, also have office and teams Support an office for meeting as well


Keep 75% of total commission (GCI)

Our full fee offer. Earn more at John Law Real Estate, also have office and teams Support an office for meeting as well


Keep 80% of total commission (GCI)

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